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Welcome to the future with 50y old technology. There is an obscure emacs extension, swank js, that runs a nodejs daemon that speaks slime to emacs.

It allows you to work with js the same way you'd work with lisp, evaling lines or buffers into a live nodejs instance.

I use it (in combination with org-babel) to talk to live instances of remote services, to inspect data, experiment, but also as kind of an on-the-fly UI

It allows you to inject js into a browser as well, handy for js dev or even on the fly data scraping/web manipulation. Super useful yet not very well known.

here is a quick elisp code to make it run with livescript

Fri Sep 29 2017 17:10:56 GMT+0200 (CEST), 20 months ago

klymit, pads are inexpensive, super light and surprisingly comfy


Wed Nov 09 2016 00:47:38 GMT+0100 (CET), 30 months ago

you usually make an open fire, but sometimes you need a stove? you don't want to carry something heavy or something that uses weird fuel that you can't get everywhere?

alcohol stoves are great in general, and this one in particular: vargo decagon

It was a bit slow to prime (should get to a certain temperature before it starts shooting flames from the sides) but I deal with this by just covering the whole thing with alcohol setting it on fire, primes it immediately :D


(if you get a vargo triad, you should have an alcohol bottle with about 1mm nozle, it has just a tiny hole to fill it through)

you can also always make a DIY super cat or something on the cheap, and you should use a windscreen, these can be sensitive to wind. yes putting random stuff around is fine-ish, but those aluminum foldable ones are reliable, cheap and light.

Wed Nov 09 2016 00:05:54 GMT+0100 (CET), 30 months ago

Are you having trouble falling asleep during conversations?

Are you in a disco, finding in hard to focus on computer programming?

I have a solution for you, just pop one of these babies in. http://lesh.sysphere.org/dump/weirdforest.mp3

Its a sound that I made that I play when I need to focus and zone out. It has some rain, weird thunder, owls, someone shuffling sticks around and whale noises of course.

I guess it will sound a bit ominous at first but it grows on you

Tue Nov 08 2016 17:58:48 GMT+0100 (CET), 30 months ago

I feel like people aren't freaking out enough about how awesome it is that big universities are publishing their lectures online, some of my favorite ones are

Justice, Michael Sandel (Harward)

Human Behavioral Biology, Sapolsky (Stanford)

I turned these into podcasts that you can download here

about behavioral biology letures, in order to fall in love with Sapolsky, check his short talk on toxoplasmosis parasite

Also, I think his lecture on biological underpinnings of religiosity that is a part of this course is not in the playlist, I think because its pretty controversial, you can find it as an old recording here

will add more stuff to this folder with time.

Tue Nov 08 2016 16:50:41 GMT+0100 (CET), 30 months ago

10$ power bank / battery charger combo that you can use for day to day stuff but also outdoors.


  • usb in - usb out (was that so hard?)
  • It supports low power solar charging
  • light (30g)
  • they can be chained in series and will charge simultaneously if they get enough power, or one by one if they don't
  • each charger is obviously self contained so no single point of failure
  • on the negative side, it supports 3v rechargeable batteries only

bigger review and official site

Mon Aug 08 2016 23:19:38 GMT+0200 (CEST), 33 months ago

Quick review of Yuneec e-go cruiser as there aren't that many of those around. I'll try to mention things I was wondering and wasn't able to find out about online. I'm also lazy, so not that many links in this text, use google.

This is a chepaest longboard of a new generation (lipo batteries, sub 10kg) with also one of the best specs.


6 kg, one of the lightest boards around, until marbel comes out and changes the playing field.


Official site claims 30km range. My experience in the real world is closer to 10km.


I'm a dumb kid, I like going fast, and top speed of this board is 20 km/h which seemed slow, but its not. Longboard is not a bicycle, small obstacles would become too dangerous at higher speeds. In order to safely achieve higher speeds in city like environments wheels would have to be at least two times bigger, and then this wouldn't be a typical longboard anymore and it wouldn't be light.


The board is not totally quiet but the noise is nothing too much, some people might even enjoy it.

I don't feel comfortable climbing up sidewalk borders higher then ~5 cm, not sure if it's the lack of experience or just not the thing you would normally do with a 6kg longboard.

Its not waterproof. It will handle some splashing but it happened a few times that I couldn't turn it off before it dried. Its easy to entirely disassemble and assemble, you even get the tool for it with the board.


Yuneec is not friendly about it. I asked. But I'm guessing the board itself would be pretty friendly. Speed could be changed in order to kill myself more easily, I'm light, I'm pretty sure it could go faster then it does, I could for example just change the transmission, or perhaps replace the firmware or the speed controler entirely. And regarding the remote controler, the board supports bluetooth connection to iphone, this could be reversed and a custom controler could be made, for example just a glove which measures how bent your fingers are.

Customer Support

Great, if you talk to European branch. Asian branch is slow to respond if they respond, with bad english. After a week my wheel randomly fell off, the bearing broke. These are good longboard bearings and they said they've never seen this happen before, in a few days I've received a whole new set of wheels.


I never skateboarded but got a hang of it pretty quickly regardless of my awful computer programmer leg coordination. Had it for about a month. The better I get the more fun I have, and I keep thinking how "I could be skating right now". There is like 10% of the people that go insane when they try it and they seem to be ready to sell their soul to satan to get one.

It does perfectly what it intends to do, it's called a cruiser and its a great product for fun commuting.

It turned out that I really like this technology and I'll get a Evolve carbon board which seems to be the best board I can buy right now, its heavier, with big wheels and costs as much as a car so its definetely not for everyone, but putting it out there also. Marbel board looks like an e-go killer, but its not out yet.

When buying, I've made this quick table, haven't found comparisons like this online surprisingly, so I'll share this too.

board speed range weight price

marbel 40kmh 20km 4.4kg 1299 usd

e-go 20kmh 30km 6.3kg 750 usd

bamboo 38kmh 30km 8kg 1240 usd

bamboo terrain 35kmh 15km 10kg

carbom street 38kmh 40km 8.5kg 1700 usd

carbon terrain 35kmh 25km 10.5kg 2000 usd

boosted 32-35kmh 10km 6-7kg 1300 usd

z-board pro 32kmh 20km 11kg 750 usd

Long Term

Owned the board for about 4 months now. I've had a lot of hardware issues. Luckily, the support is very good. Drive wheel fell off - bearing broke, they sent me new wheels. Then, the whole board randomly died, shipped it to them, they fixed it, it randomly died again a week later in a slightly different way, shipped it again, waiting to get it back. deliveries in eu are fast (3-4 days one way) but still, the whole process takes at least 10ish days when there is an issue like this. I think 25% of the time I've owned the board, I couldn't use it.

I also met another person which owned a board for much longer then me, treats it badly, and have had 0 issues.


Sat Mar 07 2015 16:46:43 GMT+0100 (CET), 50 months ago

people often ask me why I own a drone, what is it for, and then half of the time they say that I could use it to record weddings and get some cash flowin'

If mention of recording weddings doesn't kill all my will for conversation, I'll say drones are so simple to make these days that I find it hard to justify not owning one. also, at the time there is no regulation and no one ever counts on you owning a flying robot, so its a sweet spot to own one. a drone is a flying sidekick, it can, in theory, do whatever a flying sidekick can do. it can enter through windows and steal jewlery with its tiny robot hands. Sounds ridicilous but technically it is not hard to do. In the following years we'll have to rethink space and what can be done, and before that happens, I get to be a kind of a superhero.

today, drones are very primitive. I'll fix some parts that I care about. and if I make anything useful, Im guessing drone related kickstarter projects would be welcome.

a few ideas,

  • work on being more autonomus, gesture recognition, landing on backpack, automatic charging, simple commands like follow me, land and observe, and such
  • picking up bread in the morning
  • ground locomotion, wheels or legs!
  • stringing a rope somewhere high or for a tyrolean traverse - I can be a very slow batman and I always wanted to string a hammock up between two buildings.
  • guarding a camp spot and scarring bears away
  • looking for people
  • planting and picking up sensors
  • security? (I'm terrified of security robots working against me, I'm excited about security robots working for me - maybe I won't touch this.)
  • obvious things like scouting or mapping, it would be nice to have something that creates a google maps or openstreetmap layer as it flyes around, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement, in theory :)

few concrete things to work on, sorted by priority

  • integrate a real computer (starting with beaglebone in my case, will need to reverse and implement sbus and naza CAN bus protocols)
  • long range modem - something like xbee xtend and/or sim cards for control over gsm
  • transport layer supporting multiple communication channels with automatic fallbacks (sim cards are long range but not reliable)
  • some kind of distance sensors for autonomy - lidar, laser range finders, SLAM?
  • alternative controler - I want to use my cellphone, potentially with a ps controler or something, not a gigant RC
  • even more alternative controler and more autonomy - myo or some other kind of gesture sensing/voice recognition/etc
  • automatic folding, automatic landing and takeoff from a backpack
  • means of ground locomotion - legs! (half of legs would already be done by autofolding system)
  • some computer vision - detection of people, optical flow sensing
  • drawing grafiti on really strange places (half of this is done by optical flow sensing)
  • automatic landing and takeoff beacons (IR?)
  • beacons and universal handles for picking up and dropping things off
  • landing pad with automatic charging station and an automatic cover - could be mounted on a car? could be used as a backpack?

this is a lot of work, but none of it is far fetched and all of this will be done soon, if not by me, then by someone else

if you care about this project, you can follow it at http://lesh.sysphere.org/tagcloud/personal_drone rss @ http://lesh.sysphere.org/tagcloud/personal_drone/rss.xml

Sat Sep 27 2014 22:06:41 GMT+0200 (CEST), 55 months ago

I like creating and building things and I own a grappling hook. This site will be an partial dump of projects I work on and things I've written down.

I'm into evolvable programs, designs inspired by nature, philosophy, computer security - malware specifically, robots and such. I've worked as a software engineer and I've worked for artists on tech art pieces as that's more fun. These days I tend to travel so expect stories on hitchiking, stealth camping, urban exploration and nature.

Check out the tagcloud to find if there is something here that you care about.

Here is my contact info and PGP key

Mon Oct 07 2013 19:17:35 GMT+0200 (CEST), 67 months ago

Genetic programming language with a strong type system

First prototype in python, work in progress, I should think of more interesting project names.


Sun Sep 22 2013 06:47:45 GMT+0200 (CEST), 67 months ago

an algoritmic music generator that interprets cellular automata as notes, its an alsa MIDI device.

Cellular automata rules are described by a simple RAM machine language and are evolved. There are some interesting things about the language itself, I'll post the details later.

Fitness function is a human clicking on "the nice ones".

Sun Sep 22 2013 06:47:37 GMT+0200 (CEST), 67 months ago

After looking at the rorschach test, I wanted more. supirisingly, I couldn't find any rorschach generators online, so, python, tkinter and randomwalk with random size blobs and simmetrical reflection, I thought that some tweaking or more complicated algorithm would be needed but this works great.

click on a canvas for (re)generation.

examples and source.

Tue Sep 10 2013 07:07:06 GMT+0200 (CEST), 68 months ago

a bunch of selfish prisoners having sex and mutating. WHOA. a very basic evolutionary algorithm, a last night's play.

Prisoner's dilemma is a scenario in a game theory (check it out if you don't know about it) its interesting to me in part because it explains human moral intuitions through a selfish evolutionary perspective, in other words, why people are generally nice to each other.

In the iterated prisoners dilemma the game is played repeatedly thus each agent has an opportunity to learn about other agents behaviours and potentially punish noncooperation. Cooperation may then arise as an equilibrium outcome.


I didn't get tit for tat which I originaly expected, nor did I manage to get any other cooperative equilibrium. cooperation does evolve, but it doesn't last, strange, I expected that cooperative species will raise and stay dominant as I enlarge the number of interactions before a step in the evolution. (its rational to be nice if you need to stick around) need to investigate and think about this some more.

I'll post more info and code later or never. screenshot and someone with a different approach and a spacial dimension.

Tue Sep 10 2013 07:07:06 GMT+0200 (CEST), 68 months ago

hello world

Sun Feb 24 2013 06:51:38 GMT+0100 (CET), 74 months ago


Sun Feb 24 2013 06:07:06 GMT+0100 (CET), 74 months ago